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    What we do

    Whether you need to develop a new direction for your business, help develop skills for your Leaders and their teams, improve management and/or organization skills, or train a new staff. . . we've been there. It doesn't matter if you are large or small, IMA can bring you and your customers closer together.

    IMA recognizes that every market, product, and organization is unique. Our goal is to create a program specific to each client's needs. Consequently, in development, we focus the effort of a small group of professionals to manage all phases of the activity. This creates ownership of the project by the IMA professional while ensuring each client that they have dedicated, knowledgeable resources looking after their interests.

    Things we've done in the past:

    * A productivity-improvement program concentrating on building a cohesive team; concentrating on communication among team members, building respect for various personality and social styles, and effectively managing in a difficult work environment.

    * Project Management training that focuses on both the skills to organize, plan, and implement a successful project, as well as the people skills required to ensure a cohesive, effective project team environment.

    * An integrated product and relationship skills training program for the global sales force of a Fortune 100 corporation.

    * Business Negotiations Skills programs for the staff of a leading financial services corporation.

    * The creation of a market plan along with sales implementation activities to increase business in a new market for one of the world's largest telecommunications service providers.

    * Focus group activities to identify buyer preferences for an automobile dealership.

    * A complete OD/resource development training curriculum for a computer hardware manufacturer.

    Things we can do for you:

    * Business Management Consulting Services

    * Training and Development Consulting

    * Marketing Consulting Services

    * Market Analysis and Research

    * Sales (including Sales Management) Consulting

    * Sales Training

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